Acne Overview – Definition, Causes and Treatments

Our skin is covered by tens of thousands of tiny hair follicles.  These microscopic glands are often referred to as pores and for sometimes unknown reasons, they become over-zealous and produce an over-abundance of cells.  The overproduction causes a blockage and the Sebum or oil that typically drains naturally to the skin surface (known as dirt) will become trapped inside and encourage germs to grow.  Acne OverviewThe result can be a microcomedone or acne lesion.

There is a distinction between the varying severity of acne cases and doctors agree that everyone’s experience is unique. For example, there can be moderate, severe or mild acne instances as well as inflammatory or non-inflammatory cases. The skin disruptions are often called pimples, blackheads, or blemishes. What constitutes acne over a typical flaw is the development of acne over a length of time and its continual reoccurrence. Also, acne pimples are known to cause scarring or leave behind red spots whereas a non-acne pimple will disappear as suddenly as it emerged leaving the skin unscathed as a result of its visit.

Interestingly, if the microcomedone unplugs and heals, they could become non-inflamed skin imperfections often called black or white heads.  A blackhead is not dirt as some suspect; rather it is oxidized due to a skin pigment that darkens it.  A whitehead typically appears as a white spot on the surface of the skin which may be invisible unless looked at under a microscope.

These types of skin imperfections can be easily managed, popped or allowed to dissipate naturally.  However, if the microcomedone doesn’t unplug and heal, the result can be inflammatory acne.  The symptoms of acne can be painful and frustrating and includes pustules, lesions, inflamed bumps, and inflamed skin. In fact, acne goes hand in hand with inflamed skin and the soreness and red appearance associated with acne is widely known.

While there is no one cause of acne and several varied opinions as to what causes acne, the consensus seems to be a host of components. These influences include fluctuations in hormones (pregnancy, puberty and menopause), diet choices, evolution, inadequate vitamin levels, and the impact of stress on the body.

If you suffer from acne and wonder what can be done to ease your symptom, you’re not alone.  In fact, acne is one of the most common skin complaints of teenagers with approximately 20 out of about 100 teens experiencing mild to severe acne at one time during puberty.  Acne is also known to appear suddenly in adults during times of hormone fluctuations such as pregnancy or menopause.

The good news is that you don’t have to tolerate acne alone – you can utilize the experience of companies who make quality acne treatments to support you on your journey to acne-free skin. For example, Theresienol is an Austrian company that produces a pure and organic 100% natural skin treatment made from ingredients such as plant-based substances and particular animal fats. The unique combination of wholesome ingredients only found in Tyrol, Austria, can help alleviate acne symptoms. Don’t get discouraged about acne – with a little patience and some support; you too can have clearer and healthy skin.

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